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Yamanashi sightseeing area information

Fuji information

Mt. Fuji which made the summit of the mountain far above the clouds is a symbol of Japan and has been familiar to many people from olden days as the hometown of the Japanese mind. Fuji which is praised as a famous mountain in the world is 3,776 meters in altitude.

Shosenkyo information

Nagato There are about 300 car parks and free parking lot around the bridge. The basic tourist route is parking here and walking back and forth. For those who only walk one way, you can use the bus line which is running Shosenkyo Green Line.

Takeda Shrine

The Takeda Shrine is settled in the remains of the Kagasaki - kan, the founder of Shingen 's father, Shingo Dengaku, built in Year 162 (1519). In this pavilion, Shigeta, Shingen, Winning three generations lived over 60 years and was designated as a national historic site in Showa 13 era.

Erinji Infomation

A majestic and beautiful temple leaving the footprints of Shingen's public. Takeda Shingen is a quiet old temple sleeping in the public. "Destruction of heartfelt fire and self-suffering" The famous word of fire is also painted on the gate itself if the heart is destroyed is drawn.

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Isawa hot spring area information

Suddenly in January 1961, the hot springs springs up from the vineyards and the history of Isawa 's hot springs town begins. A hot spring springing up with a concon flows to nearby equality river, it is called "Aozora Onsen" and was loved by locals and neighboring people.

Ichinomiya peach & grape


Yamanashi Prefecture Ichinomiya is a production area that also enters the top class in peach production. Among them, Ichinomiya has a long sunshine time, it has a climate suitable for cultivating peaches, which has a large temperature difference in the basin.

Katsunuma wine information


Shirayuri brewing is a family winery founded in 1964. L'ORIENT is a French word meaning "oriental", aiming at making high quality wines as good as Europe.

Misaka peach & grape information


Fuefuki city is located in the east of the Kofu Basin in Yamanashi Prefecture, and the Fuefukugawa river which is derived from the city name flows through the center of the city. An alluvial fan spreading on the opposite bank of the Fuefukugawa River is suitable for being called "Togenozakura", which is the cultivation area of ​​peach which boasts the largest production volume in Japan.


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